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department resources

General Admin and HR

Need to reserve a room, use the department car, or submit a work order? These are your resources for all things administrative.

department resources

Research Administration Toolkit

Preparing a grant application? Whether you’re new to the process or an old pro, you’ll find a rich repository of resources to help guide you through the process in the HOBI Grants Toolkit.

department resources

Fiscal Toolkit

If you’re traveling for business or planning a work-related purchase, use this toolkit for all the resources you’ll need to assure expenses are paid for in an efficient, timely manner. 


IT Toolkit

Connect the right way with internet access, share files, and acquire new software. Start here to submit a ticket to request support.

department resources

Communications Toolkit

Here you’ll find tools and resources to help you develop presentations and other communications materials that align with HOBI/UF branding guidelines.

Other departmental links and resources

For additional guidelines and directives on HOBI/ICHP general administration, grants, HR, purchasing, and travel, please visit the “Department Procedures” folder located on the HOBI GROUP drive (V:\GROUP\Department Procedures).

HOBI’s Emergency Plan

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FERPA Resources

College of Medicine ELEVATE

Launched on April 20, 2023, ELEVATE, or Efficient-Leverage-Engagement-Value-Align-Trust-Empower, aims to improve efficiency and optimization of budget management in the College of Medicine while emphasizing a sense of unity among the college community.

College of Medicine Space Requests

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