Workplace and Community Engagement

We welcome you to join our efforts to improve Workplace and Community Engagement. This committee is open to anyone from the Department of Health Outcomes and Biomedical Informatics (HOBI).

Striving to Make a Difference

Food drive in March 2024.

We support efforts, within our office and our community, to build a better world for all. Join us and make new connections.

Join Us

We welcome you to join our efforts to improve Workplace and Community Engagement. Our committee meetings occur on the third Tuesday of every month at 4 p.m., via Zoom. If you would like to receive the invitation to join our monthly meetings, please email Nicole Hammer.


Dominick Lemas

Dominick Lemas Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Phone: (352) 294-5971
Nicole C Hammer

Nicole C Hammer B.A., MPH Candidate

Research Coordinator II

What We Do

The Workplace and Community Engagement Committee is a faculty, staff, and student-run committee that is dedicated to improving our workplace and community through respect, inclusion, representation, accessibility, and fairness. Our goal is to foster practices and departmental policies that are conducive to a supportive and healthy work climate. We aim to attract, retain, support, and advance heterogenous groups in our student body, workforce, and leadership.

We offer workshops and professional development training, seminar sessions with community organization leaders, and education for future leadership in the field of health outcomes and biomedical informatics. Our committee strives to maintain accountability, transparency, and diligence in our sustained focus on improving our workplace and meaningfully engaging with our greater Gainesville community. This involves defining goals and metrics annually and assessing our performance. We continuously invite feedback and critiques from our committee to ensure we our constantly refining our methods to maximize the promotion of practices and departmental policies that foster respect, inclusion, representation, accessibility, and fairness.

Organizations We Support


The College of Medicine maintains a list of vital resources, available to all, to support wellness in a number of areas.  Also visit UF Health and Wellness Resources. 

Some additional UF resources are included below.

For more information and a comprehensive list of available UF resources, visit  U Matter, We Care.
If you are in an emergency or need immediate help, please contact UFPD by calling 911.
For non-emergencies, you can contact UFPD at 352-392-1111 and U Matter, We Care at