Research Administration Toolkit

Getting Started

Start by familiarizing yourself with the UF and HOBI grant submission process, and the HOBI departmental guidelines below.

When you’re ready to submit a new proposal, access the Wizehive submission portal above. You can also check the status of a recent submission and view all ongoing department proposals through Wizehive.

Need additional help? The HOBI Grants Team is more than happy to assist, email us at

HOBI Grants 101

1. Familiarize yourself with the submission process

For a breakdown of what’s expected at each stage, view our detailed submission timeline.

2. Access Wizehive

Please use the Wizehive links below to submit a new grant proposal, to check the status of your recent submission or to view all ongoing department proposals. Use the Business Associate Agreement (BAA) and Data Use Agreement (DUA) portal to submit BAA/DUA requests. To have a Wizehive account created please email:

3. HOBI Templates

Use an Internal Excel Budget Template to set up and refine your budget.

Budget Justification Template

Please use the HOBI Budget Justification Template for all grant submissions unless another format has been requested by the sponsor.

LOI/Statement to Establish Consortium Template

Creating a biosketch

Summary of UF facilities and resources

Use me! To summarize UF’s robust resources and ability to support your research project, edit the following template for your grant application.

Research Administration and Division of Sponsored Programs (DSP) resources

DSP offers a wealth of information and answers to many questions you may have, including the UF DUNS number, EIN number, and student funding information.

Data Transfer and Use Agreement (DUA) templates and information

Get a jump-start on completing a Data Transfer and Use Agreement by using the UF template and following recommended guidance.

Other Support

In submitting your grant proposal, additional support may be requested to assure there are no competing overlaps in budget or commitment. Use the links below to navigate this submission.

Progress Reports

Please check out the updated Progress Report page that includes FAQs, Common Errors/Warnings and helpful links.


  • NIH SNAP (Streamline Noncompeting Award Procedures) RPPRs can be submitted directly to NIH without DSP review. The “submit” button is available within the three-dot ellipsis menu. To find out if your award is SNAP, please look on the award notice Section III (Terms and Conditions).
  • If you need assistance with your eRA Commons roles, reach out to
  • Stephanie Gray will be your Signing Official and Administrative Official.
  • RPPRs cannot be submitted with errors.

Keep Learning

Expand your grants expertise using the informative presentations and links below.

Pre-Award processes

Post-award processes