Current Course Schedule

Fall 2020

Course Title Course Section Class Number Credits Format Day Time Class Period Professor(s) Location
Data Science for Clinical Research GMS6803 ONL1 27491 3 online Wed 9:35a-12:35pm 3-5 Dr. Yonghui Wui N/A
Applied Ontology GMS 6805 1D59 21248 3 online Wed 1:55 -3:50pm 7-8 Dr. Mathias Brochhausen N/A
Foundations of the Learning Health System GMS6836 ONL6 27097 3 online N/A N/A N/A Dr. Ryan Theis N/A
Foundations of Biomedical Informatics GMS 6850 ONL2 27492 3 online Thurs 9:35a-12:35pm 3-5 Dr. Jiang Bian N/A
Fundamentals of Dissemination and Implementation Research GMS 6851 ONL3 27505 3 online Wed 1:55-4:55pm 7-9 Dr. Ramzi Salloum N/A
Translational Health Research Design GMS 6885 1B44 21175 3 online N/A N/A N/A Dr. Stephanie Staras N/A

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