Current Course Schedule

Spring 2020

course title course section credits class number day time class period professor(s) location
Security and Privacy in Clinical Research GMS 6806 CSE1 3 23986 Thurs 9:35a-12:35p 3-5 Dr. Jiang Bian, Dr. François Modave HPNP G-108
Translational Bioinformatics GMS 6804 CSE2 3 24047 Tues 1:55-4:55p 7-9 Dr. Dominick Lemas Harrell 128*
Measuring and Analyzing Health Outcomes GMS 6822 CSE3 3 24056 Fri 9:35a-12:35p 3-5 Dr. Yi Guo HPNP G-111
Community Engaged Research for Clinical Effectiveness and Implementation Science GMS 6852 CSE5 2 20995 Wed 1:55-2:45p 7 Dr. Michelle Cardel HPNP G-111
Improvement and Implementation Science in the Learning Health System GMS 6853 CSE6 3 20996 Thurs 3:00-4:55p 8-9 Dr. Ryan Theis, Dr. David Guzick CTRB 3161

*Meets in Communicore CG-22 on 1/14, 1/21, 1/28 and 2/18.

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