Todd Manini

Todd Manini Ph.D.

Professor; Chief, Division Of EDGE
Christiaan Leeuwenburgh

Christiaan Leeuwenburgh Ph.D.

Professor Department Of Physiology And Aging

Aging & geriatric research

Stephen Anton, PhD

Lifestyle-based & alternative treatment modalities to address metabolic conditions associated with aging

Community dentistry

Emily Bartley, PhD

Interventions that promote resilience among geriatric populations in chronic pain


Sara Burke, PhD

Effect of aging on the hippocampus & entorhinal & perirhinal cortices

Aging & geriatric research

David Clark, ScD

Optimizing mobility in the neurologically impaired, the elderly, & those recovering from stroke or spinal injury

Clinical & Health Psychology

Ronald Cohen, PhD

Neuroimaging, age-associated cognitive & brain dysfunction, & neurodegeneration

Aging & Geriatric Research

Yenisel Cruz-Almeida, PhD

Mechanisms involved in age-related pain perception & modulation in humans

Physiology & Functional Genomics

Karyn Esser, PhD

Role of circadian rhythms & molecular clock mechanisms in skeletal muscle homeostasis & health

Biomedical Engineering

Daniel Ferris, PhD

Biomechanics & neural control of human locomotion in health, aging & disability

Community Dentistry

Roger Fillingim, PhD

Biological, social, & psychological factors that may influence the experience of pain

Physical Therapy

Emily Fox, PhD

Neurological impairments & rehabilitation strategies to improve motor function

Applied Physiology & Kinesiology

Chris Hass, PhD

Dynamic stability during locomotor transitions in the elderly, and PD

Physical Therapy

Russell Hepple, PhD

Mitochondrial mechanisms of aging muscle atrophy

Clinical & Health Psychology

Michael Marsiske, PhD

Cognitive aging & behavioral intervention strategies; statistical modeling

Aging & Geriatric Research

Marco Pahor, MD

Aging, physical exercise, prevention of disability, sarcopenia, epidemiology & random control trials

Clinical & Health Psychology

Catherine Price, PhD

Adult neuro-psychology, dementia, movement disorders & post-operative cognitive dysfunction

health outcomes & biomedical informatics

Christopher Kaufmann, PhD

Aging, sleep, and health services research

Computer & information science, engineering

Sanjay Ranka, PhD

Machine learning, data mining algorithms, & software for bioinformatics & medical informatics applications

Biomedical Engineering

Parisa Rashidi, PhD

Context-aware assistive & therapeutic intelligent solutions using ambient & mobile sensor technology

Physical Therapy

Dorian Rose, PhD

Novel interventions promoting functional mobility in the elderly & the neurologically impaired

Applied Physiology & Kinesiology

Rachael Seidler, PhD

Motor control, aging, neuroplasticity & rehabilitation associated with spaceflight

Aging & Geriatric Research

Kimberly Sibille, PhD

Stress, aging, health disparities & resilience

Aging & Geriatric Research

Shinichi Someya, PhD

Molecular & cellular mechanisms underlying age-related hearing loss

Clinical & Health Psychology

Adam Woods, PhD

Novel cognitive and neuro inflammation neuro-imaging bio-markers & intervention approaches

Aging & Geriatric Research

Rui Xiao, PhD

Genetic and molecular mechanisms underlying environmental modulation of aging