HOP Faculty Has Two Papers Accepted to the Global Wordnet Conference

Amanda HicksAmanda Hicks, Ph.D., assistant professor in the Department of Health Outcomes & Policy, had two papers accepted to the Global Wordnet Conference, which will be held in Bucharest, Romania, January 27-30.

Hicks is the first author of the paper “An Analysis of WordNet’s Coverage of Gender Identity Using Twitter and The National Transgender Discrimination Survey.” Coauthors include Jiang Bian, Ph.D., assistant professor in the Department of Health Outcomes & Policy; Christiane Fellbaum, Ph.D., senior research scholar at Princeton University; and Michael Rutherford, M.S., applications systems analyst at the University of Arkansas.

For the second paper, “Semi-Automatic Mapping of WordNet to Basic Formal Ontology,” Hicks is a co-author with Alan Ruttenberg, M.D., along with first author, Selja Seppälä, a post-doctoral visiting scholar in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Buffalo.

“The Global Wordnet Association provides a forum for researchers developing wordnets in any language to discuss development, implementation, and mapping of wordnets,” Hicks said. “This international conference is an exciting opportunity to share our research with leaders in the field of lexicography and semantics.”