Graduate Student Travel Policy

Pending availability, the Health Outcomes and Biomedical Informatics Student Travel Award provides up to $500 per student, per year, to four students: two from the Health Outcomes & Implementation Science concentration and two from the Biomedical Informatics concentration.

Any student whose planned travel meets the criteria outlined below should submit a HOBI Student Travel Award application to the Academic Specialist at least 90 days in advance of the planned trip. Applications are considered on a case-by-case basis by the faculty in the appropriate division.

Travel to conferences, symposia, and special research opportunities is essential for the professional development of advanced research students. In order to assure funds benefit the largest possible cross section of graduate students, priority will be given to doctoral-level students who are:

1. Invited to give major talks and are not offered funds from the meeting organizers, -or-
2. In the final year of their programs and are presenting work at a national meeting where they will be evaluated by potential employers, -or-
3. Offered a unique opportunity to conduct research on material at an off-campus site or to be involved in a special collaboration that may be available only under a limited set of circumstances.

Supplemental travel funding opportunities outside the department

UF Graduate Student Council Travel Grants

The UF Graduate Student Council provides travel grants of up to $350.

College of Medicine Office of Graduate Education

If you are the presenting author, you are eligible for at least $300 per fiscal year. Travel is paid through your mentor or the department, and then the Office of Graduate Education transfers appropriate funds to the account that funded the travel once the expense report has been cleared through the university accounting. The OGE does not provide up-front funding, nor does it directly reimburse students.