Graduate Certificate in Implementation Science

The University of Florida’s Graduate Certificate in Implementation Science is an 11-credit one-year, part-time program that gives students the background and skills they need to build a foundation in the growing field of health care research. It is offered on-site at UF’s main campus in Gainesville or via distance education.

Gain skills in translational science and research methodology

Upon completion of the Graduate Certificate in Implementation Science, students will be able to:

  • Explain fundamental concepts of the design, conduct, and interpretation of dissemination and implementation research
  • Compare and appraise the various research designs commonly used in translational health research, and identify the appropriate design to answer a given clinically meaningful research question
  • Describe key concepts needed to successfully conduct clinical effectiveness and implementation science studies that involve communities as collaborators in the research process
  • Design an implementation study in a collaborative environment to address a real clinical concern in a learning health system environment

Who should apply?

The certificate program is ideal for faculty and current health care professionals, including health care administrators, clinicians, residents and fellows, research coordinators, and graduate students in the health sciences who desire the foundational knowledge in the development, evaluation, and implementation of programs, policies, and interventions aimed at improving health in communities and quality of care in complex health systems, but do not have the time or desire to commit to a full graduate degree.

For a more research-intensive educational experience, check out the Masters in Medical Science degree program in Health Outcomes and Implementation Science.

Credits earned in the certificate can be transferred toward the master’s degree if a student is admitted to the master’s degree program and earns a grade of B or higher in those credits.

Application Deadline

  • June 30, 2023 (U.S. and international applicants)