HOP Faculty Attend UF’s Informatics Institute’s Inaugural Symposium

Several faculty members from the Department of Health Outcomes & Policy attended the Informatics Institute’s Inaugural Symposium on March 19, and Betsy Shenkman, Ph.D., chair of the department, was one of the symposium’s speakers, with a presentation on medical big data and computing.

In addition, François Modave, Ph.D., associate professor in the Department of Health Outcomes & Policy; Jiang Bian, Ph.D., assistant professor in the Department of Health Outcomes & Policy; and Josh Hanna, M.S., staff scientist in the Department of Health Outcomes & Policy, attended the symposium, which aimed to promote discussion among various UF informatics faculty and students surrounding the future possibilities of big data.

“Biomedical informatics is a relatively new and very exciting field and is inherently multidisciplinary,” said Modave. “It combines people with expertise such as informatics, mathematics, public health, clinical practice, and even philosophy.”

The event served to formally introduce the institute, which was created under the UF Preeminence initiative to encourage cutting edge informatics research, and brought together informatics researchers from across the campus.

“We look forward to ongoing collaboration with the institute to advance informatics research and its subsequent translation to improved health,” said Bill Hogan, M.D., M.S., director of the Biomedical Informatics Program and professor in the Department of Health Outcomes & Policy.

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