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HOBI Education Day

Graduates students, post-docs and early-career faculty interacted with their peers throughout Education Day. March 27, 2024 | 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. | Malachowsky Hall Education Day Itinerary 9 – 11 a.m. | Rethinking Mentoring to Cultivate a Mentoring Network   Graduate Students, Post-Doctoral Trainees, and Junior Faculty | DSIT…

UF opens Malachowsky Hall for Data Science & Information Technology

Designed to set the standard for future STEM buildings across national and international campuses and transform the artificial intelligence (AI) and data science workforce, the University of Florida Friday held a celebratory ribbon cutting for the Malachowsky Hall for Data Science & Information Technology.

Staras and Ray win Exemplary Teacher Award 2023 

The UF College of Medicine has honored two of our faculty members with a 2023 Exemplary Teacher Award. Within the department of Health Outcomes and Biomedical Informatics (HOBI), the winners are Stephanie Staras, Ph.D., and Jessica Ray, Ph.D.

Valay Shah, Ph.D.

Title: Neural Correlates of Mobility Impairments in Aging Adults. For his fellowship, Dr. Shah will use functional MRI to study brain activation patterns of walking. To do this, he will use a motor imagery protocol (imagined walking) that has demonstrated parallel neural substrates to physical task execution. He will compare…

Erika Pilner, Ph.D.

Title: Efficacy of Balance Training with Visual Occlusions. Walking requires integration of sensory information, computational processing, and motor output response (referred hereafter as the neuromechanical components). Deficits in any of these neuromechanical components with aging can increase fall risk. To combat aging effects on mobility and reduce fall risk, researchers…

Commitment to Respect

The TRAM program is committed to a culture that is supportive and respectful to all. We believe that scientists from various backgrounds, including those with disabilities, will enhance scientific inquiry to holistically meet our challenge of preserving mobility over the lifespan. We cultivate trainees to become leaders throughout their careers.


FELLOW Brianne Borgia, Ph.D. Dr. Brianne Borgia’s research focuses on lower extremity gait mechanics, the prevention of injuries in an aging population, and the extrinsic factors, such as footwear,…

Structure and Committees

The University of Florida boasts a diverse, interactive and productive mobility and aging research community. The training faculty for the TRAM Program are grouped into two primary clusters, based on research focus and expertise: 1) the Aging Research Cluster; and 2) the Mobility Research Cluster. Faculty are then grouped into…