CISCO/VoIP Phone Purchasing

Employees moving physical locations within the department should take their CISCO phones with them; their number will move with them. Phone orders should only be placed for new employees when no phone is available to assign to them, or for employees without a CISCO phone. Once a phone order is placed it will take 1-2 weeks to receive the new device.

Requesting a CISCO/VoIP Phone through IT:

  • Put in a request for the desired phone equipment through the IT Service Desk using the “Phone / IP Phone” option”.
  • In the body of the request, include:
    • Department Name (Health Outcomes & Policy).
    • Fiscal Contact’s name and email address (Carrie Pons or Tami Ford).
    • Full name of the person the phone will be assigned to.
    • Gatorlink ID (not UFID) of the person the phone will be assigned to.
    • Building and office/cube number where the phone will be placed.
    • Type of phone needed.

**The standard CISCO phone currently being used is the “CISCO 8945”**

Completing the CISCO/VoIP Phone Order through the Department:

  • Once you have submitted the request through IT, complete a Requisition Form (found on the department website) that includes funding source and name of employee the phone is for.
  • Also make sure to include the service request number of the IT request on the Requisition Form.

After Submitting a Phone Order Request:

  • IT will contact you directly about the IT request. You will need to refer them to the appropriate fiscal contact to complete payment for the order.
  • The order will not be completed by the fiscal contact without an approved submitted requisition.
  • Once payment has been received, the phone will be delivered directly to you (the requestor) unless you arrange with IT to have it delivered to an alternative location.