Graduate Certificate in Health Outcomes & Policy

The University of Florida’s on-campus Graduate Certificate in Health Outcomes and Policy is a 15-credit program that gives students the background and skills they need to build a foundation in the growing field of health care research.

Gain skills in translational science and research methodology

Students who complete the Graduate Certificate in Health Outcomes and Policy will learn to

  • design, implement and analyze a research study with appropriate methodologies, including statistical analysis and data management.
  • communicate effectively within the field of health care research, including familiarization with field-specific terminology and current health care research trends, as well as methods for communicating findings to various audiences.
  • participate in clinical effectiveness research and health outcomes assessments, which both examine the best practices for patients based on evidence.

In addition, each student will complete an individual mentored research project, where they can apply these skills in a hands-on setting.

Who should apply?

The certificate program is ideal for research coordinators, faculty and current health care professionals, including health care administrators, clinicians, residents and fellows who desire the foundational knowledge required for understanding, designing and evaluating health research but do not have the time or desire to commit to a full graduate degree.

For a more research-intensive educational experience, check out the Masters in Medical Science degree program in Health Outcomes and Policy.



12 credits earned in the certificate can be transferred toward the master’s degree if a student is admitted to the master’s degree program. Similarly, all but 6 credits earned during the master’s degree can be put toward the doctoral degree, if a student is admitted to the doctoral program.