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The Security Program for the Information and Computing Environment (SPICE) is designed to protect the information that is owned, managed, and used by the Health Science Center in all its forms (electronic, paper, film, etc.), through General Awareness training, Systems Analysis, and Technical Consultation and Support. The program applies to all faculty, staff, students, and volunteers of the HSC. Included are all HSC colleges, college owned and managed clinics, and other HSC units.

Everyone is responsible for information security including UFHSC leadership, management, faculty, staff, students and volunteers. Several roles have been established to support the SPICE Program and all information users.

Your UFHSC Unit ISA and Unit ISM: Each HSC college, department or unit has designated a Unit Information Security Administrator (Unit ISA) and Unit Information Security Manager (Unit ISM) to help you in securing our information assets. Unit ISA is an administrative role versus a technical role in a Unit and your Unit ISM is a supervisor, manager, or director of the computer systems in a Unit.  Click Here To find your Unit ISA/ISM.

For Faculty/Researchers/Staff:

Learn Information Security
Secure Your PC
SPICE Policies and Standards
Wireless Access
Peer-to-Peer (P2P) / File Sharing
Electronic Media Secure Disposal Service

Additional links for Faculty:

Click here to learn more about SPICE.