M.S. Curriculum, Health Outcomes and Implementation Science

The M.S. in Medical Sciences with a concentration in Health Outcomes and Implementation Science is a minimum 32-credit-hour degree program. The curriculum is comprised of:

Course Title Credits
Core – 9 credits
GMS 6822 Measuring and Analyzing Health Outcomes 3 Letter-grade
GMS 6851 Fundamentals of Dissemination and Implementation Research 3 Letter-grade
GMS 6885 Translational Health Research Design 3 Letter-grade
Research Rigor and Ethics – 2 credits
GMS 7877 Responsible Conduct of Biomedical Research 1 Letter-grade
GMS 6848 Ensuring Rigor and Reproducibility in Clinical and Translational Research 1 Letter-grade
Statistics Courses – 3 credits
PHC 6052 or STA 6166 Applied Biostatistics I or Statistical Methods in Research I 3 Letter-grade
Methods – Select 3 courses (6-9 credit hours)
GMS 6829 Longitudinal Research Design 2 Letter-grade
GMS 6832 Economic Methods for Evaluating Value in Health Care 3 Letter-grade
GMS 6844 Time Series and Quasi-Experimental Design for Health Outcomes Research 2 Letter-grade
GMS 6813 Pragmatic Clinical Trials 2 Letter-grade
GMS 6846 Meta-Analysis in Clinical, Health Services Research, & Public Health 2 Letter-grade
GMS 6803 Data Science in Clinical Research 3 Letter-grade
GMS 6850 Foundations of Biomedical Informatics 3 Letter-grade
PHC 6022 Design & Conduct of Clinical Trials 3 Letter-grade
Health Outcomes Courses – Select 1 course (3 credits)
GMS 6833 Health Outcomes Research in Vulnerable Populations 3 Letter-grade
GMS 6835 Health Outcomes Research in Children 3 Letter-grade
GMS 6812 Health Outcomes Research in Cancer 3 Letter-grade
GMS 6802 Health Outcomes Research for Chronic Diseases 3 Letter-grade
Implementation Science Foundations Courses (minimum 3 credits)
GMS 6836 Foundations of Learning Health System Research 1 S/U
GMS 6852 Community Engaged Research for Clinical Effectiveness and Implementation Science Studies 2 Letter-grade
GMS 6853 Applied Topics in Dissemination and Implementation Science 3 Letter-grade
Capstone Mentored Research Experience – (6 credit hours of one course option)
GMS 6905

GMS 6971

Independent Study in Medical Sciences (Non- Thesis Eligible)

Research for Master’s Thesis (Thesis Eligible)

6 Letter-grade