Montoya-Williams, Diana

diana-montoya-williamsRacial and ethnic disparities in neonatal health outcomes have been well-documented and are pervasive. Diana Montoya-Williams, M.D., is a pediatrician and neonatologist-in-training devoted to the understanding of the interrelated factors leading to higher rates of prematurity, low birth weight and overall infant mortality seen in minority populations in the United States. She is interested in exploring how biologic and epigenetic etiologic pathways contribute to social determinants of health to create adverse perinatal outcomes for certain segments of a population. Her research focuses on the mediating effect of stress, experienced either acutely during pregnancy or through a life-course of exposure, on racially and ethnically disparate neonatal outcomes.

Dr. Montoya-Williams is also passionate about pediatric global health and and has traveled through Latin America and Africa conducting research and advocacy work. She is beginning to transition her advocacy work to the pediatric immigrant population in the United States through her collaborative work with both local and national organizations.

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