Our Students

Ph.D. Students

Ph.D. in Medical Sciences, Health Outcomes and Implementation Science

Name Business Phone Email
Guanming Chen Guanming Chen (408) 780-4706 chenlyra@ufl.edu
Gina T Eubanks Gina T Eubanks (352) 627-9145 gina7@ufl.edu
Tianyao Huo Tianyao Huo (352) 294-5982 thuo@ufl.edu
Alexandra M Lee Alexandra M Lee –– alexlee22@ufl.edu
Jennifer H LeLaurin Jennifer H LeLaurin (352) 627-9467 jlelaurin@ufl.edu
Boya Lin Boya Lin (352) 300-6449 boyalin@ufl.edu
Cilia E Zayas Cilia E Zayas (352) 627-9467 cilia@ufl.edu

Ph.D. in Medical Sciences, Biomedical Informatics

Name Business Phone Email
Chen Bai Chen Bai (352) 870-7813 chenbai@ufl.edu
Chong Dang Chong Dang (352) 627-9467 chongdang@ufl.edu
Matthew A Diller Matthew A Diller (561) 578-1293 diller17@ufl.edu
Xinsong Du Xinsong Du (352) 281-1387 xinsongdu@ufl.edu
Xing He Xing He (813) 573-3122 hexing@ufl.edu
Qian Li Qian Li (352) 294-5983 liqian@ufl.edu
Tyler J Loftus Tyler J Loftus (352) 273-9440 tloftus@ufl.edu
Ke Xu Ke Xu (352) 745-9647 xu.ke@ufl.edu
Shuang Yang Shuang Yang (352) 627-9467 yangs@ufl.edu
Zehao Yu Zehao Yu (352) 627-9767 zehao.yu@ufl.edu
Hansi Zhang Hansi Zhang (352) 284-1272 hansi.zhang@ufl.edu
Yunpeng Zhao Yunpeng Zhao (352) 284-1209 yup111@ufl.edu

Masters Students

M.S. in Medical Sciences, Health Outcomes and Implementation Science

name EMAIL
Ezequiel Borgia rborgia@ufl.edu
Sofia Dayi sofia.dayi@medicine.ufl.edu
Amy Ladendorf aladendorf@phhp.ufl.edu
Moiz Mustafa Moiz.Mustafa@surgery.ufl.edu

M.S. in Medical Sciences, Biomedical Informatics

Name email
Farhad Dastmalchi Farhad.Dastmalchi@neurosurgery.ufl.edu
Marie Jean Gilles mjeangilles@ufl.edu
Haeun Lee hlee2@ufl.edu
Braeden Lewis lewis.b@ufl.edu
Matthew Ruppert Matthew.Ruppert@Medicine.ufl.edu
Nitya Singh nitya11@epi.ufl.edu
Eliot Spector eliotzbot@cop.ufl.edu
Ruoyi Zhang zhangruoyi@ufl.edu