Huo, Tianyao

tianyao-huo_mcm_4073Tianyao Huo is a Ph.D. student in the Department of Health Outcomes and Biomedical Informatics. She holds two masters’ degrees in human nutrition and statistics from the Ohio State University (OSU), and a bachelor’s degree in biology from Nanjing University, China.  Tianyao was a research associate in the Department of Pathology at OSU and has extensive laboratory and data analysis experience in brain cancer research. Since relocating to Gainesville, she has been a statistical research coordinator working in the areas of human nutrition, cardiovascular medicine, and health outcomes at the University of Florida.

Tianyao’s current research interests include quantifying interaction between colorectal cancer patients and the health care system using social network models. She is also interested in statistical modeling, machine learning, and their application to health outcomes research.

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