Computer Purchases

Computer purchases can be made to replace or upgrade outdated equipment, or for new employees. To ensure equipment for new employees arrives before their start date, make sure to place the order no less than a month before their arrival. Once the order is placed, it takes 3-­4 weeks for computer equipment to arrive.

Obtaining an E-­‐Quote for Computer Equipment through UFIT

  • Quotes: Request a quote for the desired equipment through the IT Service Desk using the “Computer / Program” option”
  • Specs: You can ask for a standard computer order (UF has a list of standard Dell computers) or if you have specific specs for the desired equipment, you can attach them to the request after it has been submitted.
  • E-­Quote: IT will prepare and send you an E-­quote

Submitting the Computer Purchase Request

  • Complete a Requisition Form (found on the department website). Make sure to include
    • IT Service Request number of the quote request
    • E-quote number provided by IT
    • An appropriate funding source

** Computer purchasing for research faculty and staff can require a Cost Accounting Standards exemption (commonly known as a CAS exemption) or a non-­grant source to be available. Before placing an order, please ensure the purchase of computer equipment is an allowable expense for the intended funding source.**

  • Attach a copy of the E-‐ quote received from IT to the Requisition Form.

After Submitting a Computer Purchase Request

  • The fiscal staff will verify the funding source, PI approval, and E-‐‐quote number and then place the order through the appropriate company.
  • IT will receive the equipment directly when it is delivered to They will enter it in the UF Asset Management system, attach a UF decal and set up the required protections.
  • IT will contact you to set up a time to deliver and set up the computer.