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Developing Florida’s Oral Healthcare Workforce Strategic Plan

Herndon, J (Principal Investigator), Shenkman EA (Co-Investigator). Developing Florida’s Oral Health Workforce Strategic Plan. Florida Department of Health/Health Resources and Services Administration. 02/02/09-08/31/09; Award amount: $80,703.

Florida Healthy Kids Program Evaluation

Shenkman, EA (Principal Investigator) & Herndon, J (Co-Principal Investigator).. Florida Healthy Kids Program Evaluation.  Florida Healthy Kids Corporation. 1994-present; Award amount: $180,000 per year.

Physician Implemented Oral Disease Prevention

Catalanotto, F. (Principal Investigator), Herndon, J (Co-Investigator). Physician Implemented Oral Disease Prevention. Health Foundation of South Florida.  06/01/08-5/31/10; Award amount: $102,563.

Florida Healthy Kids Corporation Evaluation

Herndon, J (Principal Investigator) & Shenkman, EA (Co-Principal Investigator). Florida Healthy Kids Corporation Evaluation. Florida Healthy Kids Corporation. 2008-2010; Award amount: $525,902.