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Advancing Health Research

HOP Faculty Has Two Papers Accepted to the Global Wordnet Conference

Amanda Hicks, Ph.D., assistant professor in the Department of Health Outcomes & Policy, had two papers accepted to the Global Wordnet Conference, which will be held in Bucharest, Romania, January 27-30. Hicks is the first author of the paper “An Analysis of WordNet’s Coverage of Gender Identity…

Summer Presentations on NIH-funded Project with the Cherokee Nation Well Received

Kelli Komro, Ph.D., former associate director of the Institute for Child Health Policy at UF, and other members of her research team from the Department of Health Outcomes & Policy discussed preliminary results of their five-year, NIH-funded community-based trial, which aims to reduce underage alcohol use in rural Oklahoma…

University Scholars Program Student Published in UF’s Journal of Undergraduate Research

Deina Bossa, a current M.D. candidate and former undergraduate participant in the University Scholars Program with the Department of Health Outcomes & Policy, was published in the Spring 2015 issue of the University of Florida’s Journal of Undergraduate Research. Her paper, “Explaining State Variation in Medicaid Expenditures,” discusses the…

HOP Faculty Member Attends mHTI Workshop

François Modave, Ph.D., associate professor in the Department of Health Outcomes & Policy, was selected to attend the 2015 mHealth Training Institute, an interdisciplinary conference with 30 participants from the behavioral and social sciences; health science specialties; biological, physical or earth sciences; computational science and mathematics; and engineering.

HOP Faculty Member Featured in a Supplement Published by Tobacco Control

Ramzi G. Salloum, Ph.D., assistant professor in the Department of Health Outcomes & Policy, was the lead author on a paper, “Cigarette price and other factors associated with brand loyalty in Zambia,” published by Tobacco Control in a supplement on the Economics of Tobacco Control in July 2015.