Bian appointed chief research information officer for UF Health

Jiang Bian, PhDCongratulations are in order for Jiang Bian, Ph.D., and his new appointment as chief research information officer for UF Health. His expertise with artificial intelligence and data-driven research will be instrumental as the University of Florida expands its IT-based research efforts.

As the second person to hold this position at the university, Bian will guide researchers as they navigate new challenges posed by digital environments. In particular, he will lead the establishment of the UF Health Office of Data Science and Research Implementation (ODSRI).

“The ODSRI will oversee enterprise efforts to advance our capacity to provide more efficient and continually enriched data and data science services as well as innovative uses of Epic and other health information systems to support clinical and translational research, the learning health system, and development and implementation of AI research,” stated David R. Nelson, M.D., University of Florida Senior Vice President for Health Affairs, and President, UF Health.

Bian sports several hats at the university and will continue as the UF Health chief data scientist. He is a professor with the UF College of Medicine’s Department of Health Outcomes and Biomedical Informatics and chief data scientist for the OneFlorida+ Clinical Research Consortium.

Bian earned a doctoral degree in integrated computing from the University of Arkansas and became a software engineer for the university’s medical center. He joined UF in 2015 as a biomedical informatics researcher, with a focus on the novel use of electronic health records and real-world data from multiple sources. He has authored more than 300 scientific articles.