HOP Recruitment at Pediatric Academic Societies Annual Meeting

Alana Christou, MPH, education and research administrator in the Department of Health Outcomes & Policy, and Lindsay Thompson, M.D., associate professor in the Department of Pediatrics and assistant director of clinical research in the Institute for Child Health Policy, attended the Pediatric Academic Societies Annual Meeting April 25-28 in San Diego, Calif., to present the department’s latest educational opportunities to physicians and health care professionals interested in pediatric outcomes research.

According to Thompson, the HOP/ICHP exhibit was one of the only educationally oriented booths, and attendees were eager to collect informational handouts.

“We were able to speak with a diverse group of pediatric health care providers from all over the world, many of whom expressed an active interest in participating in pediatric health outcomes research but a lack of research skills or experience,” Christou said. “They were really interested in the training programs we offer and recognized how we are bridging the gap between clinical practice and research through education. PAS is a valuable venue to promote our training programs and ongoing outcomes research, and we look forward to continuing these efforts next year.”

Additionally, the department plans to attend AcademyHealth next month to continue recruiting aspiring health care and health policy professionals.