Congratulations to Deina Bossa on Winning Best Paper Award!

Deina Bossa is a recipient of the 2014 UF Center for Undergraduate Research Best Paper Award for “Explaining State Variation in Medicaid Expenditures.” Her research analyzes the program, economic, demographic, and political factors that lead to variations in Medicaid expenditures between states. Papers are selected for the award through a blind review process. Deina also presented her research this month at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) in Lexington, Kentucky. Deina’s research has been supported through the University Scholars Program and the UF NIH Summer Research Program. Deina is a Junior Honors Medical Student at the UF College of Medicine pursuing a dual BS in Biology and BA in Economics. Her faculty research mentors are Dr. Jill Herndon in the Department of Health Outcomes and Policy and Dr. Lawrence Kenny in the Department of Economics.