Dr. Alexander Wagenaar a leading editor of recently published book entitled “Public Health Law Research: Theory and Methods.”

Congratulations to Dr. Alexander Wagenaar on the recent publication of “Public Health Law Research: Theory and Methods,” a book that explores the mechanisms, theories, and models central to public health law research—a growing field dedicated to measuring and studying law as a central means for advancing public health. “Public Health Law Research: Theory and Methods” was published by Jossey-Bass (a division of Wiley) and features 17 chapters by the nation’s foremost public health law researchers. Stephen Teret, Director of the Center for Law and the Public’s Health at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Heath, speaks highly of the book: “How exactly the law can best be used as a tool for protecting and enhancing the public’s health has long been the subject of solely opinion and anecdote. Enter Public Health Law Research, a discipline designed to bring the bright light of science to the relationships between law and health. This book is a giant step forward in illuminating that subject.” Congratulations, Dr. Wagenaar!