Recent Pulication by Dr. Kelli Komro

Nov 12, 2011

A recent research publication outlines several methods that are effective in fighting the negative effects of poverty and ensuring that children living in poverty still grow up to be successful and healthy. Getting families involved in learning-related activities, introducing positive role models, promoting a positive school climate, and limiting exposure to drug use and violence are some ways to significantly increase the chances that a child living in poverty will develop successfully.

The publication, entitled “Creating Nurturing Environments: A Science-Based Framework
for Promoting Child Health and Development Within
High-Poverty Neighborhoods,” looks to a diverse field of scientific research to put together guidelines that high-poverty communities can follow in order to promote the well-being of its children.

Children living in poverty are at a much higher risk of several mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders. The goal of this publication is to outline science-based methods to reduce that risk.

The publication was authored by Dr. Kelli Komro, Brian R. Flay, and Anthony Biglan, in conjunction with the Promise Neighborhoods Research Consortium. It was published in the Clinical Child and Family Psychology Review. (DOI 10.1007/s10567-011-0095-2).